Tokenize your Company.
Build your TOKEN OFFERING for ZERO upfront fees.

BrightCOIN is a tech platform that enables you to build a legally compliant token offering for ZERO upfront fees & there’s no coding required.


We are a technology platform that enables entrepreneurs to create Security Token Offerings (STO). You can create a coin, setup your smart contract and raise funds in a legally compliant manner.

BrightCOIN can create asset backed and non asset backed security tokens. These tokens can represent equity, debt, revenue share, profit participation, utility and much more.

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How it works

Create a token &
setup your offering

Create your coin using our simple coin-creating wizard. You can customize all elements of your coin including name, symbol and price. Next, you'll setup your token campaign; you decide the start/end dates, bonuses, rewards, caps and more. Our friendly editor explains all the steps involved in great detail.

Launch your
token offering

Once you setup your token offering we'll give you all the links required to launch. Links include signup and login pages for your contributors (with instructions on how to fund your coin). You simply hyperlink our urls to your landing page and you're ready to start collecting funds! All the details of the token offering are managed by our platform.

Issue and distribute your

With the simple click of a button you can distribute your tokens to contributors, advisors, founders, employees, etc. You can also list your tokens on our partner exchange and get liquidity immediately following your token offering.

(coming soon)

You get access to a real-time backend that displays your token sale progress including advance analytics on investors, funds deposited and more

Create Security or Utility tokens

Security tokens in the U.S

Utility tokens outside of the U.S

Security tokens outside of the U.S


Sanctions List
Terror Watch
Photo ID
Passport Verification
Selfie & Video ID

BrightCOIN Features

Create a coin
Set soft cap
& hard caps
Accept fiat currency
Bonuses, discounts and lock in periods
Main sale with customizable periods
Founders/advisors allocations with vesting & lockins
Rewards & bounty program distribution
Token generation & automatic distribution

Security and Transparency

Audits and Security

One of our highest priorities is security. We go to great lengths to ensure that our smart contracts are as secure as humanly possible. Our application has undergone penetration testing and smart contract are audited giving you peace of mind.


Your tokens are built on the most widely used protocol: ERC20. Thus, all transactions are logged on the Ethereum blockchain enabling full transparency.

Release of Payments

All funds collected will go into your custodial or escrow account giving you full control of all funds deposited. (Issure is responsible for custodian or escrow)



Our WYSIWYG editor enables you to build a token offering in minutes without any coding.

ZERO upfront fees:

Why pay $100K-$500K to build a token offering when BrightCOIN enables you to create it for ZERO upfront fees?


Contributor regulatory verification and AML/KYC is baked into BrightCOIN.


Our audited ERC20 based smart contracts provide the kind of security that'll give you peace of mind.


Enable transfer of your tokens following your STO using our securities aware tokens.


Zero Upfront Fees

BrightCOIN utilizes a freemium pricing model. While you can create a basic token offering for ZERO upfront fee, our premium features have additional costs. Contact us at for our pricing packages.


Lead by a Silicon Valley team that KNOWS how to execute. Their previous companies have been backed by Silicon Valley's top VCs including YCombinator, SV Angels, Andreessen Horowitz, Digital Garage, Netprice (Japan) and more. The team has deep technical knowledge and has worked in companies like Google, Airbnb, Microsoft and Ebay.

Vince Mundy Founder, CEO

  • 19 years experience as a Silicon valley entrepreneur
  • His companies have done over $85 Million in revenue
  • He's been backed by the top tier VC's like Ycombinator, SVAngel, Yuri Milner (DST Global), Andreessen Horowitz
  • His companies have won the prestigious Red Herring 500 award and the INC 100 award.

Sudhakar Chintu Founder, CTO

  • Hands-on technology leader with 20 years of IT experience.
  • As a Principal Member at eBay, he was responsible for eBay shopping cart, eBay motors and eBay coupons.
  • As a CTO at Optilly, he architected, designed and led development of highly scalable RTB System thats scaled to over 50,000 requests per few milli-seconds.
  • Holder of a patent for domain split #20140089788.

James Beshara Strategic Advisor

  • James is a serial entrepreneur and startup advisor.
  • He was the founder of Tilt, a crowdfunding social payments app. Tilt raised $67 Million from Tier one VCs and was acquired by airbnb.
  • Currently James is the head of airbnb music and is serving as the Basic Income researcher for Ycombinator.

Arjun Singh Bedi Risk Advisor (KYC and AML)

  • He brings 16 years of experience in compliance and Regtech.
  • He's currently the global functional head of payment fraud at AirBNB.
  • He's the founder of a startup fighting Money Laundering using advance A.I.
  • At Google he was the Regional Head of Anti Product Fraud Operations.
  • At Microsoft he was Global Compliance Operations Manager.

Wayne Rosso Senior Vice President

  • He has 48 years of experience in business development.
  • He served as an advisor for several start-ups including Fronger, a pre-ICO social television network.
  • He created a revolutionary new digital content licensing model with Sony Music.

Anders Larson ICO advisor

  • He’s been voted “Top 5 BlockChain Advisor” by d10e.
  • He’s been an advisor to over 20 ICOs including VIBE, Cappasity, Crowd Genie.
  • His ICOs have generated over $100 Million in market cap.
  • He was with with Ericsson Group for over 20 years.

Joakim Holmer ICO advisor

  • He’s the co-founder of allcoinWiki.
  • He’s a crypto investor.
  • He’s advised over 10 ICOs including EdgeCoin, TravelChain, VibeHub.
  • He has 15 years of tech experience holding senior roles in Red Hat, SAP and Ericsson.

Marcel Sobieski Director of Community

  • He has over 10 years of experience as Product Owner & Business Development.
  • He has Launched 4 startups and made 3 exits to US, UK, and Dutch companies.
  • He's managed Swiss, Polish and Liechtenstein IT companies with over 100 people.
  • Built startups that were in Top20 Globally in their niche.

James Sowers ICO advisor

  • He has participated in over 40 initial coin offerings.
  • His ICOs have raised over $75 Million.
  • He's been a featured speaker at WCEF & Battle Of The Cryptos.
  • He's a contributor to several Blockchain publications.

Anil Advani Legal Counsel

  • Founder of Inventus Law firm in Palo Alto, California. He has represented over 3,000 startups, angels and founders.
  • He has been involved in over 500 financings and M & A valued at over $3 billion.

Ahmed Hasan Legal Counsel

  • He’s our go to guy related to anything to do with corporate, funding and general Legal matters.
  • He obtained his LLM from UCLA.

Our network


Partying with the one and only Brock Pierce. For those that don't know Pierce is the Chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation and co-founder of DNA Advisors,, Blockchain Capital, Tether, and Mastercoin (worlds first ICO)


Vince with Barak Sharabl, Chief of Global Strategy at Infinity Technologies Pte (center), and Paddy Tan (right), of InterVentures Asis.


Partying with Stas Oskin, Core Dev and Biz Dev lead at WINGS Stiftung (right). Stas is responsible for architecture design, ongoing R&D and biz-dev of the DAO platform.


Ray Li, business development @ Houbi meets with BrightCOIN


BrightCOIN CEO with Andrian Galkin, co-founder of Storiqa, a global marketplace powered by blockchain.


Vince with our risk advisor, Arjun Bedi. Arjun is also the global head of payment fraud at Airbnb. Arjun served in a similar capacity at Google and Microsoft too.


At the largest tech conference in Singapore. Echelon 2018! Over 6000 people in attendance. I’ll be speaking on STOs and the future of crowdfunding tomorrow. Excited!


BrightCOIN at the Huobi office in Singapore meeting with the global business development director, Jack Chai Yew Seng! Huobi is the 3rd largest exchange in the world. Yesterday they had a daily volume of around $1.2 Billion! They are about 5x the size of Coinbase.


Vince hangs out with the founder of the largest crypto exchange in Indonesia! Oscar Darmawan, INDODAX, formerly known as


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