Create your Coin & Build your ICO
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We enable you to launch your utility and securities based ICO in minutes without any coding and accept contributions in a legally compliant manner… and it’s FREE*

How it works

Create a token &
setup your ICO

Create your coin using our simple coin-creating wizard. You can customize all elements of your coin including name, symbol and price. Next, you'll setup your ICO campaign; you decide the start/end dates, bonuses, rewards, caps and more. Our friendly editor explains all the steps involved in great detail.

Launch your

Once you setup your ICO we'll give you all the links required to launch. Links include signup and login pages for your contributors (with instructions on how to fund your coin). You simply hyperlink our urls to your landing page and you're ready to start collecting funds! All the details of the ICO are managed by our system.

Issue and distribute your tokens

With the simple click of a button you can distribute your tokens to contributors, advisors, founders, employees, etc. You can also list your tokens on our partner exchange and get liquidity immediately following your ICO.


You get access to a real-time backend that displays your ICO progress including contributors, funds deposited and more



We provide a free and easy to use WYSIWYG editor that enables anyone to create a coin and launch your ICO. We eliminate the hassles of hiring expensive and hard to find blockchain engineers. If you can use Word then you can create your own coin in minutes.


With many countries clamping down on utility ICOs, it’s now more important than ever to be compliant as a security. BrightCOIN guides you through these regulatory complexities. This is done by integrating securities based crowdfunding compliances, Know-Your-Customer and Anti-Money-Laundering within your ICO/STO.


It's a well known fact that having more currency options during the funding period increases the amount of money raised. BrightCOIN enables your contributors to deposit funds using ETH, BTC, BCH, DASH, XRP and LTC.

What fees does BrightCOIN charge?

It's free to create your coin and build an ICO on our platform. If your ICO is successfully funded we charge a small percentage of the funding total. If funding isn’t successful then there's no fee.

Leadership team

Vince Mundy Founder, CEO

  • 19 years experience as a Silicon valley entrepreneur
  • His companies have done over $85 Million in revenue
  • He's been backed by the top tier VC's like Ycombinator, SVAngel, Yuri Milner (DST Global), Andreessen Horowitz
  • His companies have won the prestigious Red Herring 500 award and the INC 100 award.

Sudhakar Chintu Founder, CTO

  • Hands-on technology leader with 20 years of IT experience.
  • As a Principal Member at eBay, he was responsible for eBay shopping cart, eBay motors and eBay coupons.
  • As a CTO at Optilly, he architected, designed and led development of highly scalable RTB System thats scaled to over 50,000 requests per few milli-seconds.
  • Holder of a patent for domain split #20140089788.

Arjun Singh Bedi Risk Advisor (KYC and AML)

  • He brings 16 years of experience in compliance and Regtech.
  • He's currently the global functional head of payment fraud at AirBNB.
  • He's the founder of a startup fighting Money Laundering using advance A.I.
  • At Google he was the Regional Head of Anti Product Fraud Operations.
  • At Microsoft he was Global Compliance Operations Manager.

Wayne Rosso Senior Vice President

  • He has 48 years of experience in business development.
  • He served as an advisor for several start-ups including Fronger, a pre-ICO social television network.
  • He created a revolutionary new digital content licensing model with Sony Music.

Anders Larson ICO advisor

  • He’s been voted “Top 5 BlockChain Advisor” by d10e.
  • He’s been an advisor to over 20 ICOs including VIBE, Cappasity, Crowd Genie.
  • His ICOs have generated over $100 Million in market cap.
  • He was with with Ericsson Group for over 20 years.

Joakim Holmer ICO advisor

  • He’s the co-founder of allcoinWiki.
  • He’s a crypto investor.
  • He’s advised over 10 ICOs including EdgeCoin, TravelChain, VibeHub.
  • He has 15 years of tech experience holding senior roles in Red Hat, SAP and Ericsson.

Marcel Sobieski Director of Community

  • He has over 10 years of experience as Product Owner & Business Development.
  • He has Launched 4 startups and made 3 exits to US, UK, and Dutch companies.
  • He's managed Swiss, Polish and Liechtenstein IT companies with over 100 people.
  • Built startups that were in Top20 Globally in their niche.

James Sowers ICO advisor

  • He has participated in over 40 initial coin offerings.
  • His ICOs have raised over $75 Million.
  • He's been a featured speaker at WCEF & Battle Of The Cryptos.
  • He's a contributor to several Blockchain publications.