• Do I need a coder to setup my coin and ICO?

    No expensive solidity coders required! BrightCOIN enables you to setup a coin and launch your ICO without writing a single line of code. Follow the guidelines on our simple coin-creator form and you’ll have your coin ready in minutes.

  • How does BrightCOIN safeguard against hackers?

    In addition to using best in class security features to protect our infrastructure, BrightCOIN uses cold storage as an additional layer to protect your funds from hackers.

  • Which cryptocurrencies are accepted?

    It’s a well know fact that enabling more cryptocurrencies increases your funding amount. With BrightCoin your investors can add funds using all major cryptocurrencies including BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, XLM, XRP, DASH and more.

  • Can I display crowdsale progress on my site?

    Yes, BrightCOIN gives you widgets that display crowdsale progress, amount funded, coin calculator, token balance and more.

  • Can I set up bonuses and rewards?

    Yes, BrightCOIN enables deep customization of your ICO. You can set up bonuses based on start and end dates, maximum and minimum amount per period and rewards based on referrals.

  • Can I see how much money I have raised?

    Yes, you get access to our live “ICO COCKPIT” that gives you full transparency and access to all important data points for your ICO. You can see number of signup, total amount raised, average funding amount and more.